Challenged Towards Change

In order to truly change, we have to be aware of where we have been and where we want to go.  The need for change can present itself in many forms; sometimes it’s self-inflicted and other times it is not.  No matter the course, change is not easy. It requires us to think differently and, usually, to utilize skills that we have never tapped into before.  With that said, change almost always results in growth, despite the growing pains. But we often cannot appreciate the value in being stretched until we have reaped the rewards of growth.  

Today my change comes out of transition.  A couple of weeks ago, I sold two thirds of the Pure Barre Studios that I owned.  In many ways those studios have been my external identity in terms of how people know me, especially in Austin, TX.  Most introductions would start with, “This is Rashanna Moss. She owns Pure Barre.” Those introductions have always been flattering because I felt like the person introducing me was proud.  It does feel good to have established a new brand in a competitive fitness city. It also feels good to have defined a new sector of fitness locally, as barre was not on the map in Austin prior.  In contrast, I was equally uncomfortable with those introductions because I don’t like being defined by external brands. Prior to my pursuits with Pure Barre, I was with Nike, which is an amazing company.  My transition from Nike to Pure Barre taught me so much, that I cannot go back to brand identification in the same way. A perfect example was being on flights for business travel and starting conversations with people on the plane.  I always remembered most people assuming I was in college and green. Then as the conversation continued, “Nike” would come out. I always tried to hold that card as long as I could. As soon as “Nike” was revealed, the entire conversation would change.  I was treated differently, and I particularly remember being treated as more of an equal among businessmen at that point. I hated that feeling in a way. I didn’t like the feeling of presenting my resume in order to be accepted as an equal.

That feeling translated again into my Pure Barre world.  Yes, I owned studios, but the tone again would change as soon as the dots were connected.  I opened Pure Barre because I believed in the technique (still do!) and the value of what we created locally among a community of amazing women.  I’m not into Pure Barre because it’s the largest national barre brand, and the same goes for Nike being the largest international sports brand. I love Nike because I understand some of the details behind the scenes.  I respect the science behind Nike’s product and their commitment to innovate and create some of the best products in the world. I have no need to lead with either as my identity. I’m immensely grateful that I understood my identity prior to opening Pure Barre because it allowed me to mostly stay true to myself.  

I say “mostly” because I did fail to take care of myself in the manner that was truly needed.  I definitely sacrificed too much financially and from a health perspective for others. It is ironic because being in health and fitness should mean reaching new heights of wellness, but in a lot of ways entrepreneurship is the ultimate contradiction.  With that said, lesson learned.

All in all, staying true to self and taking lessons learned, as well as being aware of where I came from and where I want to go, is leading me to change.  I have been on an amazing ride and my identity is really strong internally. My passions are my compass and although I love business, I have never been interested in much of the world of capitalism.  I love business because of the stories behind the brands, and the opportunities that they provide for others. I despise the sectors of capitalism that squeeze all opportunity out of the little guys.  I hate greed, lies and bullying. Too many of us have seen too much of that lately and the level at which it’s accepted is disgusting.

I’m ready to take my lessons learned and change the conversation in business towards support, growth, success and positivity.  I’m ready to be a leader who has the space and permission to have truly authentic conversations with a community who is inspired to rise into their potential and passions.  I’m also looking forward to being supported at a soulful level, rather than sacrificing too much of myself. This is a needed pivot and I have never felt more fired up, inspired and excited overall. Cheers to change!  

Rashanna Moss

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