Creating Space for Gratitude

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And it begins...

You wake up to a new day. Every day, you begin, and your day progresses. It becomes the sum of different experiences, decisions, choices, actions, behaviors, and routines, all blending together in a blur as they progress and intertwine. Your day is bursting with opportunity because you simply woke up. When the majority of our experiences are mundane and repetitive, the standard is to shift into autopilot and move quickly through our actions with an end goal in mind - a goal of getting it done and moving on. We move so fast, we sometimes miss the beauty that is pausing, taking a big breath, and creating an open space in our hearts to fill with gratitude for the world around us. The beauty in generating light to shine on the people around us who need it most.  If we move so quickly that we neglect devoting time to create space for gratitude and light, we lose perspective. We forget to say thank you for that simple gift of waking up. For the gift of being able to begin once again. For the chance to make a difference and to love those around us.  To affect change and make this world a better place.  

If you’ve been shifting into a more conscious way of living, you’ve probably noticed that ‘gratitude’ in many ways can feel like an over-worked topic. During a recent Moderna Muse workshop, we asked attendees about ways they want to grow in their overall wellness, and the number one response was to have more appreciation and gratitude for the capabilities they already have. So much of our focus in the personal development space is on gratitude, yet we still collectively struggle with expressing it consistently. The grey clouds and small misfortunes in life that constantly inconvenience us can quickly distance our hearts and minds from a space of gratitude. They’re like a negative Yelp review - we allow them to carry more weight than the positive experiences. It’s easy to become grumpy, moody, and sad in this space. In turn, it blocks us from receiving joy for however long we choose to be happy.  We aren’t explaining a process that you are not already aware of.  You can look back on the last week alone and identify a moment that removed you from a space of gratitude. 

On the contrary, you can likely recall a different moment that projected you into a space of gratitude. You felt more connected to life, the universe, to those around you, and your light shined a little brighter. You could both give and receive positive, loving and supportive energy effortlessly. Your heart simply felt “right” in sharing that bright, warm, open space, and you experienced a natural magnetism, drawing others in to be in that state with you. In our moments of gratitude we create space for recognition of the things in life that are greater than ourselves.

This space is our light. Our light brings us fully alive. Our hearts pour out and our passions surface for all to see. It’s like we’re the human version of Care Bears, illuminating the sky with our special powers. We love and we protect. And we consciously connect to the common good. When this happens, a natural interconnectedness is established with those around us. That bond becomes a bit more profound. A little more authentic, trustworthy and memorable - leaving complimentary impressions on each other’s hearts. You realize where you align, the conversations around that alignment become more natural and powerful, and a domino effect comes into play, drawing more hearts into your space of gratitude and light. And just like that, a community is born. No matter how big or’s a group of individuals who have found a common bond within a space of gratitude.

Community is a basic human need.  We need others in order to make things happen.  As independent women, sometimes we are stubborn, but we know that we can’t stand without an amazing community around us. And this goes for everyone in life. We stand here knowing that some of our dearest friends are facing major challenges.  Challenges so big, that their actual survival is threatened. Unless we are in a space of gratitude that allows us space to shine our light, our hearts and minds will not be available to support those in need of that light.  Our lack of gratitude isolates our souls and hinders our movement toward a collective bond.  Dimming our light has a significant effect on the world around us. Our egos seem to forget about that when we allow ourselves to be swallowed up in our own grumpy, little universe. So remember to find something and someone to appreciate daily. Express your gratitude, without holding back. And as a result, the muse in you can recognize the muse in her.  Live your muse! 

Rashanna Moss & Shannon Pike
CEO & COO, Moderna Muse

Join us on Saturday, June 3rd to get right with gratitude in body and soul. Sign up  here .

Join us on Saturday, June 3rd to get right with gratitude in body and soul. Sign up here.