Dream. Visualize. Realize.

Seven years ago, I had a vision of bringing Pure Barre to Austin. Frankly, I thought it was a killer workout and it was the one thing that changed my body. I thought Austin was the perfect city because of its appreciation for fitness. I guessed right, and found the perfect place and people to allow that vision to come to fruition, and for that I am forever grateful to this city. We want to thank this incredible community for voting Pure Barre as “Best Barre Studio” in the Austin Fit Magazine "Best of 2016"

I’m admittedly a dreamer, and Pure Barre was exactly that for me. A far-fetched idea that lacked resources and experience. I guess I was both determined and ignorant enough to figure it out.  The fire of the vision just wouldn’t go away. It left me with beautiful glimpses of hope, prosperity, happiness and connectivity. Simultaneously, it haunted me - I saw failure, fear and the impossible. It scared the s*** out of me, but that little voice inside (my muse!) kept saying “DO IT”. I couldn’t ignore it, so Pure Barre Austin was born.  That vision came to life from heart, to paper, to brick and mortar. I am so thankful that I had a strong sense of self and a clear vision before opening our doors. Who you are as a business owner, and your vision for the business, can make or break you. My vision was to inspire clients to be their best self. Our staff also believes in this vision and our clients are committed to it. We are one shared unit, based on a vision. One that is great, one that inspires and one that lifts people up with positivity and authenticity.

When you have a strong, positive vision, the universe will respond by bringing people into your life that align with your vision, and guiding people out who simply do not. Our staff could not be more loving, caring and invested in the clients, each other and the business as a whole. They embody the vision that became Pure Barre Austin, not only in the studio, but in their daily lives.  They have created a culture within the business that continues to multiply.  Because they embody the vision, they know intuitively when someone or something does not fit, and they take the ownership to correct it. It is never easy to stay fully aligned as a staff because a business always needs people to fill the demand. But over the years, we have learned that we save ourselves a huge headache by staying aligned. We owe it to our clients to stay true to our vision. That fake stuff…ain’t nobody got time for that!

I’m convinced that most of our clients intuitively feel the vision as well. I knew that we were on an amazing journey when we became the Cheers of the Austin fitness industry. “Where everybody knows your name.” It was amazing! To me, it represented that 1) our staff cared about who was walking in the door and connected enough to remember who they were 2) there were deeper, personal conversations happening beyond the workout itself 3) the clients cared about one another and who they were working out with. This type of buy-in can only happen with complete alignment across all facets of the business, and it has truly come full circle. Our clients have three times the choices of workouts than they did when we opened. Yet, someway, somehow, these amazing clients have continued to support the essence of who we are and what we believe in. We have been through some hard times and have even failed them more than once. They have no contractual obligation with us, but they still walk through our doors. It is an immense blessing to have clients like ours. The ones that can love you through the good and the bad, knowing that all the while, it’s all a pursuit toward a common vision.

Ultimately, the vision, staff and clients coming together as one, has created a large community of strong, determined women. The fact that we can say “community’ is huge! This is what business owners dream of…to have a large enough influence to create and sustain a community.  And that is why this year was the biggest honor it has ever been to win “Best Barre Studio” in the Austin Fit Magazine "Best of 2016". The competition has never been greater and our failures are more than they ever have been.  Yet we stand strong in our commitment to serve our clients and this amazing community of women, who lift, tone and burn as if their life depended on it.  Thank you to every single soul that has ever been involved in our community and for standing behind us in the vote for Best of. We love you!

"Photo by Brian Fitzsimmons, Austin Fit Magazine"

"Photo by Brian Fitzsimmons, Austin Fit Magazine"