Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

There's something about the tune, the bass and the vocals that takes you to that place.  A moment where you can visualize and step into your full expression.  Mind, body and soul are one.  There is no fear of judgement, no concern over the perception of others.  It's just you.  All of you.  You are totally engulfed in the moment and are one with the music and lyrics.  And because no one is watching, you have your own private dance party.  Maybe you're Madonna; maybe you're Beyonce.  But regardless, there's nothing stopping you.  And in that moment, no one can say you're anything but the best thing since sliced bread!  You go, girl!  Let the Diva out, grab your hairbrush and sing into that imaginary mic while you dance your sexy butt off.

"Where did that move come from? Dang, I kinda look good.  OMG, I hit that note and totally sound like Adele right now.  I so need to remember that move the next time I'm at a dance party."

Yep!  Been there!  And good for you too.  How many times do you hear a great song in your car and want so badly to dance, but you dread the possible stares from the car next to you?  Exactly!  Get it out girl.  Be alive and revel in how fun you are.  How vibrant, sexy and fierce you can be.  Be in the zone and feel that adrenaline rush.  That's you!  That's your muse!  That's how amazing you are and can be.  The more you live it in those private moments, the more likely you are to express it in public.  Practice makes perfect.  Everyone is drawn to the life of the party, the person with the courage to live passionately and ride the wave of their inspiration.  It's NOT judgement they are casting, it's stares of admiration.

Live your muse.

Rashanna Moss
Founder, Moderna Muse