Healthy Healing

I don’t know about you, but the theme of health has woven in and out of my life in different ways for a very long time. My relationship with health has changed just as life changes. There have been ups and downs and honestly a lot of struggles in terms of finding my sweet spot. Most recently I have made some significant career changes with my health being a part of the decision. As I step into a new chapter, I’ve been reflecting on my journey of health so that I can move forward with lessons learned and a new empowered perspective of creating the holistic life that we coach through Moderna Muse. This time, I’m going to do entrepreneurship differently.

The experience of being an entrepreneur has been rewarding beyond my wildest dreams. Simultaneously there have been some hard pills to swallow. The most challenging for me was figuring out how to stay healthy. I assumed that a really high level of health and wellness would be easy to accomplish while owning Pure Barre. Three studios pretty much equates to 24/7 access to a workout for free. But the realities of entrepreneurship hit me hard and fast. I simply was not prepared and I struggled to find the proper adjustments.

Stress is the perfect term to sum up the realities that hit me - not stress in the classic sense of being mentally stressed though. I tend to have an “I can do all” attitude, so that mentality alone has allowed me to overcome a lot of things that would typically be perceived as stressful. My stress came from stretching my endurance too far and not recognizing what was happening. My body gave out.

A few years ago, I was in a place where I was working out regularly and eating really well. I lost about 15lbs. It felt good to be lean, but something was off. I was having strange sensations from the waist down. For example, I would get out of my car, take a couple steps and then I’d have to stop walking because I was on the verge of collapsing. I would go numb in my legs and hips. I knew something was wrong, but I assumed it was exhaustion. After committing to a little more rest, the issues still continued. I went in so many directions with research, doctors and questions. It was frustrating. Eventually, I spoke with a friend about a holistic practitioner. I was willing to try anything at that point to find an answer. It was affecting my ability to work the hours necessary to run the business. I ended up seeing the practitioner and she ordered a full blood panel as well as a saliva test. To my surprise, B12, Vitamin D, Estrogen and my Thyroid were all issues. We started with what was most severe, which was my B12 deficiency. I started with methylated injections and within no time, my numbness was gone. I could not believe the difference in how I felt. She told me that she didn’t know how I was holding on given the severity of the deficiency. The second most severe was Vitamin D. I used to always feel injured and sore. My body ached all the time, and of course I thought it was from being active. Once I started the Vitamin D supplementation, those symptoms went away as well.

This was a HUGE lesson for me. Coming from a sports, health and wellness background, we were taught that it’s all about calories in and and calories out. We were not given the tools to go beyond our consumption and look at factors like deficiencies and hormones. I realized that so many of us can follow the formula to a T, but still feel like crap. And when you don’t feel well, you cannot sustain the work.

I think we as a society are waking up to the need for a holistic approach, but we have a very long way to go. The food and medical industries breed illness in a lot of ways. With all the documentaries on netflix about sugar, fat, and Monsanto, the information is out there. But so many people are missing the access to proper food, education and application. From a medical standpoint, our insurance is designed to address preventative maintenance. But “preventative” is about 5 steps behind true prevention. The fact that breast cancer is readily found in women in their 30s, but insurance won’t cover a mammogram before the age of 40 is a perfect example. The system is broken. The only chance we have of getting way ahead of the curve is taking our personal responsibility to another level, becoming immensely conscious of our bodies and likely spending some out of pocket money to get the help that we need.

The last few months I felt myself going back down a path that seemed too familiar. My body was off and responding to stress again. But the symptoms were different this time. I did not originally address my estrogen or thyroid issue a few years ago, because I like to make gradual changes. I’m also aware that tweaking one thing can cause a shift in another. I wanted to allow my body the time to adjust to the changes. Now that I have observed some different symptoms, I’m back to testing so that I can get my body dialed in. It’s a little frustrating because I know I threw something out of whack due to stress. But now that I have addressed the stress, it is super important to readdress my hormones, especially because I’m close to 40 and considered higher risk for having a future child.

I think we all have our stories, and can attribute issues to countless factors when considering our health and wellness. I think we can agree that calories in and out is a great start, but what we eat, our hormonal makeup and life influences are usually the factors that have to be addressed before we can succeed with a plan. Being truly aligned with your desires in life plays a huge role as well in stress reduction. I’m currently challenged with that task and I’m finding my way daily. I hope that all of you find your way as well and commit to finding the answers that will deliver a breakthrough.

Rashanna Moss
CEO & Executive Visionary
Moderna Muse