Namaste, Musas.

Namaste - “the divine in me honors the divine in you.”  In our most peaceful, authentic and conscious state, we can recognize the divine spirit in others. This is only observable when you yourself are in tune with your own divinity. Like recognizes like. In this state you can transcend your thoughts, life pursuits and overall being by observing others within a similar realm. The cohesive spirits, creative thought, inspiration and support can dance together to create new ideas that were not accessible prior to this new exposure.  It’s the same phenomena that creates great companies like Google, Amazon, Lululemon and Nike.  These companies are founded upon a vision and common principles in which like-minded individuals dance in a creative space to create a product that the consumer never could have imagined.  When like-minds mold together, the inspiration creates the unthinkable and propels them forward individually as well.  This is the ultimate expression of “namaste”.

Recently, I was in New Mexico on an influencer trip.  Conversation Piece Marketing & PR brought 10 of us together on behalf of New Mexico Tourism to explore Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Taos.  You never really know what the dynamics of an experience like this will be until you are in the thick of it.  You hope for the best, yet often expect the worse, especially when it comes to traveling.  Travel often brings out the worst in people.  Some people just aren’t that good at dealing with uncertainty, curve balls, or inconveniences that naturally come along with the territory.  On this trip though, I was pleasantly surprised.  Ten women who pretty much did not know each other got along pretty well.  And I must say that there was a good bit of differentiation between the group of women - difference in age, career pursuits, culture, regionalism and stages of life.  Technically, the odds of us all gelling were completely against us.  But the fact that all of these women are living their muse - their truth - created a common thread that overshadowed any potential for riffs among us.  

I personally find this significant and a major lesson in what we preach at Moderna Muse.  Living your muse is the answer in life for so many reasons.  1) By living your muse, you attract other musas who are doing the same, in turn elevating your creativity, inspiration and productivity 2) By living your muse, you enjoy life and connection more, because musas show up as elevated individuals who don’t sweat the small stuff and 3) By living your muse, you become more in tune with the synchronistic energy that is created once you are around other musas.  If you are going to live your muse and remain in a state of living your muse, these factors are essential and worth seeking out.

Attracting other musas to elevate your creativity, inspiration and productivity can really push your business as a musa forward.  A musa stands for something.  She’s a brand in her own right, whether big or small.  When she is around other musas, they can see her vision.  They do not tear her down out of their own insecurities and fear of comparison.  Instead, they listen and find common links.  They share their own experiences and offer up connections and advice as it fits.  They are not focused on their own opinions, but rather on allowing each other the freedom to explore and take their own unique paths.  When you experience this as a musa, it’s like witnessing healthy love.  There is balance between attachment and separation.  Everyone has their moments to shine.  You have full support when you need it and complete freedom when you want it.  Your ideas, purpose and desires are respected as your truth.  There is full faith that your truth will lead you to your purpose and there is no reason to judge what that is, because that other musa knows exactly what it means to be aligned with your truth.  She knows that there is no getting in the way of you and your truth.  Whether it’s a little crazy or not, it only matters that it’s your truth.  This environment allows you freedom and permission to live your muse fully.  It’s like being in a musa village where everyone speaks the same language.  That support, reassurance and exposure opens your own creativity towards the things you need to implement into your life in order to grow.  The simple fact that you are around creativity inspires you to remain in a creative space as well.  And when you combine both creativity and inspiration, your productivity skyrockets as a byproduct of being in flow state.  

Living your muse results in a more enjoyable life in general. You don’t experience the typical pettiness or selfishness that many stereotypes about women will tell you are inevitable in settings like this.  If you are living your muse, you simply do not have time for the BS.  You and your fellow musas have done the work to grow beyond the limits of negativity.  You understand that negativity and fear do not move you forward in life, so, what is the point of engaging in such behaviors?  This allows for a light, positive, motivating environment to flourish.  Even challenges and inconveniences are viewed as a necessary part of each experience.  But reacting dramatically does not solve the problem.  Exposure to these lessons is an invitation to rise above and live more fluidly.

Lastly, living your muse - and doing life with others that live the same way - makes you aware and sensitive to elevated energy. This energy is not seen. It is only experienced.  And once you experience it, it is hard to tolerate low levels of frequency. This elevated energy field is powerful, and undeniable. The energy and creativity you feel within yourself can be powerful alone, but when you combine that energy with others at the same frequency, a spiritual creativity awakens.  If you were to start a business or a movement, this is the energy you want. It is powerful, impactful, life-altering, and bonding in nature. It magnifies your previous abilities and capacity.  So essentially, you rise into a new state of being. You know it when you feel it and its inspiration remains as a continuation of your push forward.

Find your fellow musas who are walking along a similar path. You will be propelled forward on so many levels. Drop the fear, negativity and overall doubt. Your village awaits.

Rashanna Moss
Founder & CEO, Moderna Muse

Earrings by Deepa Gurnani

Earrings by Deepa Gurnani