Rhythm of Your Life

The month of February is marked with love.  Love is the most desired and revered emotion that a human being can experience, both when it is given and when it’s received.  Love is the Rolls-Royce of all emotions.  It can give us the highest of highs - so high that we are willing to experience the lowest of lows to get the euphoria of love.  The highs and lows, and everything felt as a bi-product of love in between, are generated from the heart.  From an anatomical perspective, the heart is the most vital organ in our bodies.  So emotionally and biologically, the heart is dictating the rhythm of your life, both literally and figuratively.  Yet, for some reason, we take our hearts for granted.  We don’t consciously care for our hearts or consistently live from the heart.  We allow our intellect and physical body to define the manner in which we walk through life.  But is this truly the way to walk, or are we doing an injustice to our own existence by not giving the proper attention to our hearts, both physiologically and emotionally?

Many of us who are focused on general well-being are in turn obsessed with our health.  The two factors that often motivate us towards a healthy lifestyle are wanting to look good, and wanting to feel good.  And therein lies the start of an internal dialogue that is not generated from the heart.  The desire to “look good” can often lead us to unhealthy practices.  In general, being in shape and of a healthy weight can decrease the risk of heart disease, but how many of us are taking it way beyond a healthy diet and exercise?  Diuretics, excessive fasting, not eating, chemical-filled supplements, drugs, excessive alcohol, protein overdose and stress are just some of the many tools we use to “look good”.  None of these tools come from our heart nor do they promote a healthy heart.  Instead, we participate in these methods because we are more worried about our BMI, or the size of our butt, thighs and waist.  To add fuel to the fire, our use of drugs and alcohol often make us feel good, while simultaneously muting the very things that we need to face in order to relieve the heart of stress and heartache.  We walk a very fine line in this society between true health and vanity.  Even for athletes, who are some of the healthiest people in the world, we as fans and commentators can become hyper focused on the body parts that contribute to their success as an athlete, and rightfully so.  It’s what pays the bills and drives them towards their goals.  But if we take a step back and look at the entire anatomical argument from a big picture perspective, we can see that the heart still dictates a lot of what is happening biologically.  The heart is allowing you to live, pumping blood and oxygen throughout all of your body so that you can function on a daily basis.  On the flip side, heart, in the emotional sense, can even trump our biological abilities, as well as limitations.  It pushes athletes to win games and break world records.  It is important to bring attention to the heart and it’s function from a biological and emotional sense, so that the heart can be included in your daily awareness and conversations about the rest of your body.  A successful athlete trains hard, but remains in tune with her heart, her vision and her purpose.  

From an emotional perspective, the heart endures a lot.  We filter so much through the heart because we love to love.  This is not limited to relationships, but we will address that piece of the pie as well.  But what our hearts endure and filter even includes our work and daily passions.  Our attachment to the things we love in life often sit in the heart.  Because most of our jobs require a certain level of mental focus or academic accomplishment, we intellectualize everything about our jobs and careers.  The mind and our strategy for success completely take over.  Over-intellectualization can easily lead us to the job dissatisfaction that most Americans face today.  You may have a general passion for your field, but because you approach your job strictly from a mental standpoint, you endure stress and you sacrifice your well being and happiness for a paycheck.  Even though your job is just a job, the stress and lack of fulfillment weighs on your heart.

In terms of relationships, an overwhelming amount of emotions are filtered through your heart.  Your heart holds so many imprints, starting from the moment you were born.  Impressions of love, happiness, disappointment, and beyond.  In a relationship, two people are constantly finding their rhythm with one another.  Their needs are different, but the commonalities between them are what continue to bring them together.  Even though a relationship exists, it does not guarantee harmony in the rhythm of two hearts.  You know the saying: “People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime”.  All adults can attest to the this sentiment.  We have experienced relationships that have taught us lessons.  We have also experienced relationships where our emotional cycles with one another caused both joy and pain.  Think about the times when you have felt love for a friend, a lover or a child.  Now think about a time when you were so hurt by that individual.  Your heart truly aches, and your mind is consumed by all of the emotions and sensations that your heart is feeling.  Your entire body is affected and you might feel paralyzed in daily life.  I have personally struggled with this so many times in relationships and in business.  I even find myself in a place where I engage in negative self talk because I can’t believe I’ve allowed someone or something to affect my heart to this degree.  But when I pause and give my heart a voice, there’s a peaceful shift and new opportunities.  First, there’s a calm that comes from being “broken-open”: experiencing an emotional blindspot or trigger in the heart that had not been revealed prior.  It’s an immediate opportunity for self-awareness, growth and ultimately, for freedom. Second, there’s an opportunity for a true deep dive into your past: exploration of emotions that are being generated from false truths, versus truths that are aligned with your muse.

As our story often goes, aligning with your muse is where we find our rhythm.  This rhythm starts in your heart, which is why it is important to give your heart a true voice - one that is louder than you have ever allowed before.  Allow your heart to become a part of your health plan, knowing that it is the epicenter of your entire body, both physiologically and emotionally.  Do the same with your relationships, with your job and with your daily tasks.  Let your heart guide the rights and wrongs of your life.  The dos and don’ts of your life.  Then observe the decrease in stress, negative energy, negative thoughts.  Experience an increase of love, happiness, passion and gratitude. It’s taking care of business at the highest level of self, which in effect will take care of the business of your life.  It will change your rhythm to the perfect melody.  Live Your Muse... with all your Heart!     

Rashanna Moss
CEO, Moderna Muse