In the Midst of Chaos

We are in the midst of complete chaos.  Humanity’s ability to perpetuate evil and hate continues to plague us, our communities, and the people and places that we love.  There has been heartache, compassion, devastation, and a list of other feelings so long it can only be summed up as utter confusion.  Many of our fears and beliefs have been confirmed, as well as challenged. Amidst the complexity of recent domestic and global events, we are struggling to feel whole and united under any particular group. In every pocket of love, there is a figurative and literal stray bullet, marring our belief systems and poisoning our platforms for change. 

In this state of chaos, we are forced to come face-to-face with our own internal thoughts and prejudices.   We are rocked to our core when an act of hate is committed against those that we relate to and defend.  We see the headlines, and so many of us, from many walks of life, are thinking, “That could’ve been my brother, my aunt, my friend…me.” The emotions are a rollercoaster of social, political, and philosophical dialogue. We jump from one angle to the next, trying to find this feeling’s place, its home, its path toward a stance in the midst of so much confusion. Yet we often remain quiet, letting the stories fade from our newsfeeds, die down and become forgotten, until the next big event arises and takes over the headlines.  

Wake up, musa.  This is our world – YOUR world - we are living in. Your children will inherit this world that we have allowed and created.  You may feel helpless, or fear that you lack the knowledge to engage in difficult conversations, but we all must start somewhere. Embark on your journey with one of our simplest tokens of wisdom: start at the beginning.

At the beginning, there is love. Love in its purest form. You’re held by the being that created you, or accepted you into this world, and there is only love. Once you know love, you start to learn. And as you learn, you grow. Love. Learn. Grow. Repeat. 

The problem is, as we learn of all the beautiful things this world has to offer, we also learn of its many evils. We tend to let these evils wedge themselves between us and our ability to love, and instead of growing to love, we grow to hate. Hate is all-consuming. It spreads like wildfire. Hate clouds our ability to learn, and therefore, we stop growing. 

When is the last time you learned something? If you are asking for a better world, you must actively participate by loving and learning. You owe it to yourself and others to become educated.  You may not know exactly where you stand right now, but if you educate yourself and take the time to open your mind, listen, and relate, you will find your place.  Taking the opinions of others and adopting them as your own will not suffice.  Even if you are hearing your family or closest friends, stop and listen to your soul. Then start living what you hear. We’re willing to bet, if you look deep enough, you’ll start living primarily from a place of love. 

It is incredibly difficult to speak or advise on how to fix this chaotic mess we are in. At Moderna Muse, we know the complexities of violence and turmoil require an overhaul of our collective conscience – a seemingly impossible feat. It won’t all fall into place overnight, or in a month, or in a year. But our hope is that by starting at the core of the individual, we can slowly pick up the pieces of our society and put them back together, more united in love, education, and growth.

Pause. Question your own prejudices. Be honest with yourself. 

We are calling love into action. We want to be clear that living your muse goes far beneath the surface. It’s about becoming an enlightened, powerful, and loving human being. You have a responsibility to overcome the chaos.

With love,
Rashanna Moss & Shannon Pike
Moderna Muse