Why Moderna Muse?

For well over a year, I was feeling a pull toward something more.  It had been six years since I opened my first Pure Barre studio – an unparalleled experience that I never regret.  But my personal experiences in the years before and during my time with Pure Barre led me to create  a deeper bond with the Austin community – one that I wasn’t expecting.  I didn’t realize that through experiencing my own awakening and aligning with my personal truth, I would also align with a powerful community that was doing the same. I wove myself into this network of strong, grounded women, and realized that their power extends far beyond that of a workout routine.

It was the recognition of this powerful community of women that initiated the internal pull…the pull to do more, to give more, and to allow truth to shine through from every fiber of our being. To deliver a message and serve a community that is seeking a higher level of awareness, achievement, performance and power by stepping into the highest expression of self.

Easier said than done! What the heck does all of that mean and how in the world do we achieve it? I sat in a space of confusion and frustration for a very long time, struggling to bring this concept of truthful self expression to fruition. After a year or more of being frustrated by being frustrated, and not knowing what to create or how to create it, I let go and got back to my day job.

And then it happened at 11pm (I always have my best creative thoughts at night) when I was trying to go to bed.  When you close your eyes and imagine everything you want to be, what do you see? Your highest expression of self. What guides you toward this vision? Your inner muse.   My vision was clear and my heart knew that this was it.  MODERNA MUSE was born. 
Our mission: Inspire women to walk boldly toward their muse.  

From this day forward, we promise to tell the truth and live the truth in hopes of inspiring you toward your greatness…your highest expression of self…your MUSE.

Rashanna Moss
Founder, Moderna Muse