The Bridge

It is a long and sometimes treacherous journey that leads to life’s sweetest rewards. Think of this journey as nothing but a bridge that can serve you and guide you to exactly where you are meant to be - if you let it. The bridge has been my metaphor for years in regards to thresholds; the act of crossing over from one side to another. 

For some of us, the bridge between who we are and who we want to become might be as long as the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, and for others, it's closer to the length of Austin’s South Congress Bridge.   The length of the bridge isn’t what’s important.  It’s all about the ability to connect to your muse and take responsibility to conquer what’s on the bridge.  

With many of life’s challenges comes the question, “where do I start?” The answer is simple if you visualize yourself standing before your bridge. You have no choice but to begin exactly where you are. What do you do for a living? What have you accomplished? Where do you call home, and what’s your level of wellness? What role does your spirituality play in your life, and how much of your truth is portrayed through self expression? Who is in your inner circle, and in what ways is this circle affecting you?  On the other side of the bridge is the person you dream about being, your highest expression of self…your MUSE. How do her answers to these questions differ from yours, as you stand at the beginning of your bridge?

On the right side of the bridge, you will find all of the things that move you closer to your muse. On the left, you’ll find all of the things that push you back toward where you started.  It’s up to you to stay close to the things that serve you – the proper training, self work and connections - and reject the things that turn you back. It can be difficult to sidestep fear, hold yourself accountable for your actions, or remove yourself from a toxic inner circle. And this is where the challenge begins – staying steady on the right side of the bridge, ignoring the distractions on the left side, and moving toward your muse every day.

We have all mistakenly taken on things and people in our lives that push us backwards.  The left side of the bridge is full of noise and interference.  And although we have the power to strengthen the right side, the left side will get louder and louder as the right side gets stronger.  Not until you take the responsibility to step into your power, establish boundaries and sweep out the left side, can you truly live your muse with the peace, clarity and creativity that is required to reach your highest expression of self. 

Rashanna Moss
Founder, Moderna Muse