You're My Muse.

You’re my Muse…

…my worst distraction, my rhythm and blues.  

In love, we have felt this.  The dichotomy of being completely taken off course, while also completely inspired by the one we love.  Many of us have also been this muse for someone else.  A mirror, a voice, a piece of inspiration for another.

In my most intense relationship, I was moved by the idea of “MUSE”.  To be the inspiration for creativity, expression, a work of art, in another person’s soul.  What a compliment!  Yet what responsibility to be held in such high regard.

This concept takes on a new meaning when we apply it to ourselves.  Through self-love, we can find and honor our inner muse. We no longer need to rely solely on others to ignite our fire of inspiration.  The closer we come to being the ideal version of ourselves, the more self-love we have.  

Consider the times you’ve told yourself you are going to elevate your health, but kept slipping back to old habits - and in turn, you beat yourself up over your setbacks.  Consider the impact of the negative self-talk you inflict on yourself while in that state. There is not enough room in your soul for this negative energy. The decline in your self worth just leads to more drinking, more cheetos, and more time engaging in the vicious cycle of sabotage.  

Now compare that to the times when you set clear health goals and took the personal responsibility to actually get there.  The process becomes fun, your setbacks become few and far between, and your internal dialogue becomes one of self-love. You now enjoy how you feel, your confidence increases and you love yourself more.

You are riding this high because you are “living your muse” - our term for aligning with who you are meant to be and showing up as your highest expression of self. You are meant to be powerful, healthy, and strong. There is an immense amount of responsibility that comes with living your muse.  It takes attention, work and accountability, but when we are aligned, we know it.  We feel it.  And it translates to self-love, which in turn emanates into the world around you.  Be that light and live your muse.

Rashanna Moss
Executive Visionary, Moderna Muse