The Torch of Responsibility

I am truly honored and grateful to have received the Austin Under 40 Award for Sports, Wellness and Fitness.  Thank you, to all of you...My family, friends and our clients for the continued support over the years.  You are the reason for our success, because your support goes a long way for those that are passed the torch to do GOOD.   

The AU40 group, is one that is composed of innovative, young, creative and influential individuals.  But these individuals are also tenacious and resilient people, who have experienced major challenges.  For me, winning AU40 signified coming full circle.  It was one month away from marking my 7year anniversary of my migration to Austin, TX…. leaving Nashville, TN because our house was flooded with 5 feet of water in a unforseen 1000yr-flood.  It was a hard experience to be displaced overnight and return home, only to have to tear down our walls.  But, sometimes things have to be torn down to be rebuilt.  The flood forced me to expedite my plans of opening Pure Barre in Austin. We packed up and drove to Austin 17days after the flood.  Three months later, we were open for business and had full classes within two weeks.  It’s a testimony of renewal.  Of a challenge, turned into an opportunity.   

Most of the finalists who were at that gaIa would agree that your challenges build your character and strength and ultimately, the person you are today.  Anyone who has accomplished a high level of success has had challenges.  These are the people who run businesses, create jobs and build communities that makes our world a better place.  The challenges they experience are proof of being chosen.  Of being handed the torch of responsibility to create GOOD.  This torch is a big honor, for this responsibility is not for the lighthearted.  You have to get up with dirt on your face time after time.  I’m sure you know the feeling.  But try to remember that your challenges are a gift.  A gift that is preparing you to handle the blessings that are coming your way.

So thank everyone, and every moment in time that has led to today.  Your family, your friends, your adversaries, all your highs as well as your lows.  Because no matter what, you stand up, aligned with your purpose to do GOOD, even when it’s challenging.  And that in itself is an honor.  Keep your head up, keep moving forward and continue the path to do good for yourself, your family, friends, and for this entire nation.  

Rashanna Moss
CEO, Moderna Muse
Owner, Pure Barre Austin & Houston