Aligning with your personal muse will guide you to your highest expression of self. Whether you are seeking more meaningful ways to connect to your muse, or you have not yet learned what moves you at your core, Rashanna and Shannon of Moderna Muse will guide you to step into your unique sense of power and highest expression of self. Moderna Muse takes a holistic coaching approach, focusing not on singular, siloed goals, but rather on who you are as a whole. By tuning into your potential for growth in sense of self, physical wellness, and personal expression, we can help you reconnect to your inner voice of inspiration and live in full alignment with your muse. The Meet Your Muse Online Coaching program can be accomplished from anywhere.

Listening to your muse, or your inner voice of inspiration, means having trust and confidence in everything you are and everything you are meant to become. In order to reach for your goals, come out stronger from life’s challenges, and find the success of your wildest dreams, you must begin by knowing yourself at your deep, authentic core. The Meet Your Muse Online Coaching program breaks down the barriers you have built up within yourself, revealing the true you in your strongest, most confident form - the version of yourself you were always meant to become. This journey in self-discovery will lead you to personal and professional success that not only fills your heart and feeds your soul, but also gives you a steady sense of trust in your identity, your decisions, your relationships, and your presence in the world. 

If you are ready to discover your potential, achieve the satisfaction and success you are meant to have in life, and revitalize your identity through the power of your muse, take our Introductory Meet Your Muse Survey. Read on to learn more about what the program entails.


Over the course of three months*, we will take you on a journey of self-discovery through exploration of your muse. Each phase will carry specific areas of focus to help you take action on your discoveries, resulting in increased self-awareness and meaningful change in how you walk through life. Throughout the program, you will tune into your ability to be, thrive, and rise in your highest expression of self. 

Phase 1: BE

If you lack confidence or clarity in your sense of self, it is impossible to reach your full potential in any other area of your life. During this vital stage of the program, we will help you strip away the voices of outside influence and learn what it means to simply be yourself. You will get down to the core of who you are and who you are meant to become. You will craft a vision for lifelong self-awareness and self-discovery. Establishing trust in this vision will give you the confidence and self-assuredness to reach for your goals, tackle life challenges, and find the success of your wildest dreams. The deep internal work of Phase 1 lays a foundation for continued growth in the second and third phases of the program.

Phase 2: THRIVE

Once your sense of self has expanded to new limits, you will feel a natural pull to thrive in both mind and body. During phase two of your program, you will receive tools to help you identify what thriving looks like within your unique situation in life. We will help you design a holistic, healthy, and attainable vision for your physical health and wellness and give you the building blocks for putting structure and accountability around your goals. This stage of the program will focus on strengthening the connections between body, mind, and soul. Forging these connections will help you strengthen and embrace your body, achieve deeper mental sharpness in alignment with your physical being, and feel at peace in your own skin.

Phase 3: RISE

By this phase in the program, your connection to your inner voice will be strong and clear. It will be time to rise into your unique, personal expression and share your muse with the world. During this final phase of the program, we will walk you through turning visualization into embodiment, and help you live as the reflection of your inner voice of inspiration. You will learn unique ways to express your newfound sense of self on the outside and set authentic standards for how you wish to show up in the world. These standards will guide you to revitalize your presence, your communication with others, your personal style, and your overall “look”, creating an expression of your muse that others can see and connect with upon first impression. 


Rashanna and Shannon provide timely communication and resources, while respecting your individual situation and needs. The program structure includes:

  • Two 1-hour phone calls per phase
  • Follow-up emails sent after each call, summarizing accomplishments, takeaways, and assignments for continued growth
  • Instant messaging system for ongoing support and questions on an as-needed basis
  • Series of reflective questionnaires, worksheets, and exercises throughout each phase
  • Quick links to the Moderna Muse blog and social media outlets for daily inspiration to live your muse, as well as up-to-date information on Moderna Muse community events

*Even when you are committed to meaningful change and growth, life can get in the way. The Moderna Muse coaching team strives to adhere to a 3-month program length (1 month per Phase), but we are realistic about the challenges of scheduling and unexpected life events. With that in mind, each program Phase may be anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks in length, depending on the client’s unique situation.


If you are ready to realize the power of your muse, take our Introductory Meet Your Muse survey. Your responses are 100% confidential and there is no commitment required upon submission. This questionnaire will help us provide a transparent assessment of whether or not the Meet Your Muse program is a good fit for your desired growth. 


$300/phase, billed at the beginning of each phase. Clients receive their first invoice once Rashanna, Shannon, and the client collectively agree on a start date for Phase 1. This collaborative decision is part of the assessment provided after a prospective client submits their Introductory Meet Your Muse Survey. Subsequent Phase invoices will be due prior to the first call of each Phase.