Meet the Founders

Rashanna Moss & Shannon Pike were brought together through careers in fitness and remain bonded in the belief that women are strongest and most successful when they are connected to their inner voice of inspiration...their muse. They share a passion for personal growth, holistic wellness, self-awareness, self-presentation, healthy relationships, and career & business development. They also value the dynamic of their differences, and strive to bring a unique voice to the Moderna Muse community that plays on both of their personalities and beliefs. Above all, Rashanna & Shannon believe that every woman’s muse is beautifully unique, and when nurtured, developed, and valued, leads to the successes many women mistakenly believe can only happen in their dreams. 

Rashanna Moss, CEO & Executive Visionary

Rashanna was led to her muse through a series of career shifts, life changes, and experiences that transformed her perspective on personal relationships with others and with the self. After graduating from Penn State University with a Masters in Kinesiology focused in Sports Psychology, Rashanna began her career in sports marketing & sales at Nike, and eventually moved on to open three Pure Barre studios in Austin & Houston. Owning her own business in the fitness industry further deepened her commitment to holistic wellness and exposed her to a community of women that was seeking a more meaningful connection to their health in both body and mind. She was moved to do more than just bringing the world a workout. Rashanna holds firmly that a healthy, happy, and successful life goes far beyond physical fitness. She believes that your position in body and mind, and your physical presence in the world, are equally important in living your muse. As CEO & Executive Visionary at Moderna Muse, Rashanna utilizes her unyielding power of visualization to bring her inner inspiration to the surface and create meaningful connections in the world around her. She lays the groundwork for a community that inspires women to walk boldly toward their muse in every facet of their life. 

In her free time, Rashanna loves to explore new restaurants, cook and spend time with family and friends. Her mind rarely shuts off, so even in mundane activities, she’s creating and finding new limits of her muse.

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Shannon Pike, COO & Executive Brand Curator

Shannon found her way to her muse through the exploration of passions and dedication to personal development. Since the devastating loss of her baby girl, Marie in May 2018, she has continued to seek and strengthen her inner voice through the grief experience: maintaining a bond with her daughter and facing the physical and emotional effects of major loss. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin with a BA in Communication Science & Rhetorical Studies, Shannon began her career in Fitness Instruction and Studio Management at Pure Barre in Madison, Wisconsin. This role strengthened her connection between physical health and happiness. Seeking to further her career in the world of digital media and marketing, she went on to work in Demand Generation at an IT software company in Austin, Texas. Through her time in tech marketing, Shannon gained the knowledge, skills, and confidence to fuse her professional strengths with the vision for her life’s design. She is a firm believer that every experience - even one that seems void of passion or purpose in the moment - has the ability to transform you and lead you to your higher calling. As COO & Executive Brand Curator at Moderna Muse, Shannon combines her tenacious belief in wellness, personal development, and creativity to bring the voice of the Muse to life, while discovering new ways to connect to and inspire the growing Moderna Muse community. 

In her free time, Shannon is rebuilding her life in the aftermath of losing her daughter. She finds solace in writing about her healing journey, hot yoga, walks on the Town Lake trail, good wine, good people, and spending time with her husband, Edward and their dog, August.