Listening to your muse, or your inner voice of inspiration, means having trust and confidence in everything you are and everything you are meant to become. In order to reach for your goals, come out stronger from life’s challenges, and find the success of your wildest dreams, you must begin by knowing yourself at your deep, authentic core. The Meet Your Muse Personal Coaching program breaks down the barriers you have built up within yourself, revealing the true you in your strongest, most confident form - the version of yourself you were always meant to become. This journey in self-discovery will lead you to personal and professional success that not only fills your heart and feeds your soul, but also gives you a steady sense of trust in your identity, your decisions, your relationships, and your presence in the world.

Through the Meet Your Muse program, Moderna Muse founders Rashanna and Shannon will guide you to step into your unique sense of power and highest expression of self. Taking a holistic personal coaching approach, they will not focus on singular, siloed goals, but rather on who you are as a whole. By tuning into your potential for growth in sense of self, physical wellness, and personal expression, the program will help you reconnect to your inner voice of inspiration and live in full alignment with your muse.

If you are ready to discover your potential, achieve the satisfaction and success you are meant to have in life, and revitalize your identity through the power of your muse, submit your information in the provided form. If you are interested in a single one-on-one coaching session, get more information about our Single-Session Coaching Program here.


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