Moderna Muse is Austin's premier resource for wellness event production and programming. We provide two customizable event options for groups of any size:
Events by Moderna Muse: Full-scale wellness events that incorporate all three of our core principles: BE, THRIVE, and RISE. Visit our Events page to purchase tickets. 
Custom Wellness Programming: A premium health and wellness element customized and scaled for your event needs. We want to hear your unique vision for your event, then help you take it to the next level! Contact us at info@modernamuse.com for more information.

Whether your goal is to know your muse on a deeper level or blend the familiar vision of your muse with a new business endeavor or personal goal, we can help you build that connection. We take a holistic approach to our coaching programs, focusing not on singular, siloed goals, but rather on who you are as a whole. By tuning into your potential for growth in sense of self, physical wellness, and personal expression, we can help you reconnect to your inner voice of inspiration and live in full alignment with your muse. Each individual's goals and aspirations are beautifully unique, so we personalize each plan to meet those individual needs. If you are interested in a free introductory session, please submit your information here.

Take a deep dive into our core principles: BE, THRIVE, RISE. Thought-provoking pieces serve as a catalyst for higher thinking, urging you to explore the many ways your unique voice of inspiration can serve you in achieving your ideal sense of self, wellness, and expression. Visit the blog and start reflecting.